Saturday, March 19, 2005

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There can never be enough good advise. Especially if you're free to pick and choose. MyShingle explores the nitty gritty of evaluating a new client and factors to examine to determine if they or their case have just the right mix.

You may not want to reinvent yourself, as this article suggests but you might find some fresh ways of looking at marketing.

Graze through the Top 12 Hurdles of small practice marketing. Each dilemma is addressed by a different expert. Here's the list.

Why Marketing Is So Difficult*
12. "I prefer to focus on my work."
11. "It is not the fun part of the practice of law."
10. "There is such intense competition."
9. "I have a very narrow specialty practice."
8. "Modesty."
7. "Lack of follow through."
6. "It doesn't come naturally. I'm not trained to think in this area."
5. "Potential clients already have satisfactory counsel relationships."
4. "I"m lazy, inert and insecure."
3. "No time, no money, no contacts."
2. "Only poor people know me."
1. "It requires more congeniality than I'm used to."

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