Monday, January 10, 2005

~ Easy Answers To All Your Questions ~

The searchable database at The Straight Dope, answers "virtually everything of significance", according to the esteemed author. Most questions are good only for parties, more along the lines of, why is the sky blue? The author does answer essential legal questions such as, Will poppy-seed bagels cause you to fail a drug test? What does "the right to bear arms" really mean?

In a more serious vein, answers to many questions can be quickly answered by a FREE, 24/7 internet tool, AskNow, courtesy of the California State Library. A reference librarian is standing by.

Have you ever done an internet search to find out about a particular business sector or company? Where can you find reputable information on products, medical issues, reference topics and more? Give a viewing. This site provides succinct, easily digestible responses to your questions and keyword searches. It does not return websites or a host of unrelated links. Just simple answers drawn from published sources. They also have a useful tool that can search keywords on the web and on your computer.


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