Monday, January 24, 2005

~ not your everyday search tool ~

Everywhere there is Google. I bet most of you make your first sweep though the web maze starting with this popular search engine. I'll let you in on a few searcher secrets. Not all of the tools are available at the main screen. Here are a few other ones.

Google Personalized is still in beta but may help target your searches more precisely. The notion is to select from their broad categories, such as "law", "technology" or "small business", then enter your search terms. You can set the degree of personalization, which will add or eliminate links returned from your query.

If you want to select news or websites with particular keyword content, delivered to your email or in a browser, go to Google Alerts.

If you want to continually search across news, web pages, blogs, and video and image content you'll want to get a feed reader and start loading selective sites. Find out all about feeds from the Washington and Lee University School of Law. This is a great way to promote your own website. By placing some code in your website template you can get your readers to subscribe to the content at your site, without having to remember to go there. This IS the future of web based promotion. Don't be behind the curve.

Jay Rosen, Chair of Journalism at NYU, presents a succinct yet persuasive essay on the nudge online journalism is giving to traditional styles of information gathering. Increasingly, the locus of news content is the source of the news rather than the distributor.


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