Thursday, January 27, 2005

~ Everyday Speed In the New Year ~

Speed, speed, and more speed?

I know this doesn't apply to you but the increase in fines for speeding may affect someone you know or love. California will now impose a $750 fine, on a second conviction within three years, for driving over 100 mph. This amends Section 22348 of the Vehicle Code. The fine jumps to $1,000 per conviction for additional offenses committed within five years of the first two offenses. Just in case your foot weighs heavy on the pedal at the wrong time, you might want to consult the Nolo Press hot tips on how to beat a speeding ticket. If you feel a need to monitor your teenager's driving habits a little black box ("event data recorder") for cars is available as an add-on feature. California law provides that the black box data can only be accessed with permission of the owner or by court order. The owners manual for cars manufactured after July 2004 must disclose if an event data recorder is installed.


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