Tuesday, February 08, 2005

~ Get clients without selling ~

Get more work by keeping your current clients. Its easier and more productive to satisfy the needs of existing clients then to kindle a new relationship. One of the primary complaints clients have about their attorneys is that they don't anticipate the clients' needs. A survey by Sage Legal Marketing was reported in The Law Marketing Portal.

92% of our respondents reported that their law firms did not anticipate their legal needs, and as a result when something came up they would start the buying process all over again. This is the foremost reason law firms do not enjoy the long-term, taken for granted relationships they once did with prime clients. Read the article

On the other hand, the Internet has become one of the first places potential clients go to find you, or find out if they want to work with you. In 2004, the 2nd most searched term for professional services in the Google Local search was attorney.


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